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No More Hand Fatigue And Cramps From Skinning Meat

Many of us know that eating meat as part of our diets is an important way to get the protein we need in order to maintain good health. We're also aware that part of the preparation process for poultry and game involves removing the skin to eliminate fat that can clog arteries and contribute to heart disease. But whether at home or in a restaurant kitchen, that's always been a tedious, time-consuming job. What's worse is that it's often done after cooking – when the fat's already been simmered with the meat.

Now you can remove skin first and still cut your prep time in half. The innovative curved teeth on our new Poultry Skinner latch onto the skin, pulling it away from the meat in a much more efficient way. Use the serrated knife to remove any excess, and you're done. Yes, it's just that easy. And there's none of the hand fatigue and cramping you suffer trying to do the job the old way.

Forget about struggling with a knife to get all the skin off – spending that extra time in the kitchen when you'd rather be with your family and friends or accomplishing other things. Invented by a health practitioner who's also a concerned mom, the Poultry Skinner is the easiest-to-use skin removal tool you can buy. It's much safer than using a knife, and it works faster on chicken, turkey, duck, pheasants, deer, and other meat. It's also a better, quicker way to scale fish.

Mother's Day is coming up. The Poultry Skinner makes a great gift for any mom concerned about being sure that the meals she prepares for the ones she loves are as healthy as they can be. Constructed of steel, with a heavy-duty silicone handle that lasts much longer than rubber, it's a must-have tool for the kitchen. She'll wonder how she ever got by without it.

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Thank You, & Happy Holidays.

It's been a wonderful season for the Poultry Skinner Tool. To all our customers, AM A JOY, LLC.


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