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Poultry Skinner 

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.” 
― Herophilus

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Cecilia, being a health care practitioner, understood the dire consequences of excess skin on meat and the health hazards we face due to its consumption. She believed that, ‍ “With a healthy heart. The beat goes on.” Hence, she came up with the ‘Poultry skinner tool” an inspiring and exceedingly helpful tool for people who are involved in cooking or baking in their daily routine.

“Do what it takes to start, to have a healthy heart”

our product

Poultry skinner tool

‘Poultry skinner tool’ is an invention of Cecilia - a mother and a health care practitioner who pondered over the ways we can minimize the negative impact of poultry skin on humans nowadays. It removes skin from poultry and meat in an easier, faster and an efficient way. This tool is made up of steel and a heavy duty silicone handle which lasts longer. Its curved teeth latches on the skin, and the serrated knife helps cuts excess skin away.


“Have a healthy heart, don’t delay or else you might live in dismay.”

Poultry skinner tool removes excess skin or fat which can clog arteries, prevents coronary heart diseases and helps you stay fit and slim

"Promoting healthy lifestyles and encouraging fitness are so important  for our children's development and reducing the nation's epidemic of childhood obesity"

Peeling the skin off and cutting your meat can be a tedious and a time consuming task. It makes you waste a lot of time which can be utilized on more important aspects of your life like spending time with family. Use ‘Poultry skinner tool’ and get your job done in half the time, grab your tool now.

“Take care of your heart, don’t let it fall apart.”

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