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Poultry skinner tool


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‘Poultry skinner tool’ is an invention of Cecilia - a mother and a health care practitioner who pondered ways to minimize the negative impact of poultry skin on the body. It removes skin from poultry and meat in an easier, faster and an efficient way. This tool is made up of steel and a heavy duty silicone handle. Its curved teeth latches on the skin, and the serrated knife helps cuts excess skin away.


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What People Are Saying


The packaging of the skinner tool was as artistic and visually appealing as the product inside. Comparatively, the packaging is on the same level as the iPhone. Using the tool was a remarkable experience. I was able to easily remove the skin from 6 pieces of chicken thighs in less than five minutes. The knife helped in the skinning process. Previously I tried to skin chicken with a regular kitchen knife. it took a very long time and it was a messy experience. With the Skinner tool, it was a quick, easy and clean.

Esther Uloma Igboerika