A story of product

‘Poultry skinner tool’ is an invention of Cecilia - a mother and a health care practitioner who pondered over the ways we can minimize the negative impact of poultry skin on humans nowadays.It removes skin from poultry and meat in an easier, faster and an efficient way.

If you are looking for a tool which is safe, time saving and health friendly, youneed to look no more. Come and grab your Poultry skinner from our page justnow!


Poultry skinner tool removes excess skin or fat which can clog arteries, preventscoronary heart diseases and helps you stay fit and slim.Other than this, Poultry skinner tool is much safer than your ordinary kniveswhich can be troublesome if you have children in your house.This tool is made up of steel and heavy duty silicon handle which lasts longer.

Its curved teeth make skin conveniently latch on to it. Whereas, the serrated knife helps cuts any excess skin left. This tool saves you a lot of time as skin removing process takes half the time than any other tool. Wouldn’t it be better utilizing that time saved with either your family or to get other tasks done?